Fire Alarms

OVIS is proud to be a Notifier Engineered Systems distributor. Our relationship with Notifier gives us the ability to provide a fire alarm system for any application.

OVIS utilizes our in-house PE and NICET certified and licensed professionals along with our CAD department to engineer, design, install and complete your fire alarm projects on time and within budget.


OVIS can provide service and parts for many fire alarm systems including:

  • Maintenance and testing of any fire alarm system
  • Smoke detector testing and calibration
  • UL Listed fire alarm monitoring
  • System design and installation
Male hand pressing the code on a house alarm

Security Systems

At OVIS, the safety of your family and your business is as improtant as the safety of our own.

OVIS has the experience to design and install virtually any type of security system from the convenience of a basic wireless system to a hardwired multi device system. Call one of our experienced security experts to show you the wide range of devices and equipment available to protect all of your important assets.


OVIS provides:

  • Security system design and installation
  • Commercial and residential systems
  • UL Listed alarm monitoring

Video Surveillance Systems

With the plethora of ever-changing technologies, the responsibility of selecting surveillance equipment can be a daunting process. OVIS experts can assist you in designing, installing and maintaining the CCTV solution for your exact needs. Whether your system needs only one camera and monitor or many to be viewed from another state, our qualified technicians will ensure that you know how to fully use your system.


OVIS provides:

  • Closed circuit TV camera systems
  • Hard drive storage and retrieval
  • Control zoom, pan and tilt
Cables connected to the audio mixer

Paging & Sound Systems

Are you improving the sound of your home theatre or trying to make announcements at an athletic event. Well look no further. The technicians at OVIS can assist you in producing the sounds you desire!


OVIS provides:

  • Paging and sound system design and installation
  • Sound reinforcement for schools and churches
  • Background music and sound making systems
  • Home theatre systems
Rack with generic ethernet cat5e cables, part of a large company data center.

Network Cabling

With the high technology of today’s world, everyone needs to be wired. What use to be only essential at work, has become a necessity in the home. Our technicians can design, install and maintain your network both at home and at work.


OVIS provides:

  • Network design and installation
  • Fiber optic cabling
  • Networking solutions
Hand using security key card scanning to open the door to enteri

Access Control

The only way to ensure the proper people are in your building is to restrict who has access. Access control gives you control over who has access to every part of your property. Our in-house PE, RCDD, and NICET certified and licensed professionals along with our CAD department will engineer, design, implement and complete your project on time and within budget.


OVIS provides:

  • Access control design and installation
  • Photo ID badging
  • Networking of multiple sites
  • Stand-alone systems
IP phones for office on the store shelves

Phone Systems

OVIS is a provider of complete, modern, full-featured, small to medium-sized business telecommunications solutions. We have over 20 years experience that you can rely on to provide the design, implementation, training and ongoing service of your complete telecommunications system. Contact us today to see where you can enhance your business through today’s telecommunications technology!

OVIS understands the importance of communication and how vital it is for today’s business.


OVIS provides:

  • Digital phone system design and installation
  • IP network solutions
  • Business solutions
  • Voice mail system
  • Network multiple sites
  • Computer telephony integration

Fire Suppression

OVIS provides:

  • Sprinkler System Inspections
  • Sprinkler System Service
  • Fire Pump Inspection
  • Fire Pump Service
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection
  • Fire Extinguisher Recharging / Replacement
  • Fire Extinguisher Hydro Test
  • Fire Hydrant Testing
  • Back Flow Testing
  • Kitchen Hood Inspection & Service
  • Emergency Lights / Egress Lighting
Sprinkler Code – NFPA 25

Sprinkler Code – NFPA 25

OVIS provides:

  • Inspection Frequency
    • Annual
    • Bi-Annual
    • Quarterly